Oh happy day

I wish there were something more positive connected to that title, but really, I’m just being sarcastic.  I have a head cold, and because of that, I make even less sense than I normally don’t.  I wasn’t even going to post today, but after I Googled myself–what a narcissist!–and saw my blog pop up first, I thought, “Okay, we’ve GOT to play with this.”  Not that the post on Special Olympics wasn’t worthy of a headline, but hey, let’s have some fun. 

Did ya ever…?  No wait, that’s Andy Rooney.  Oops; copyright infringement.  Sorry!

What’s up with…?  Oops, Seinfeld.  My bad!

So did ya see that Phillies game yesterday?  Man, Chris Coste is an asset on that team in every possible sense.  He’s going to make a heck of a great coach/manager some day.  And the interview afterward!  What a cool (and humble) guy!  I’m not just saying that because he graciously passed me on to his literary agent, who benificently asked to rep me.  (It was more than cool, blowing Kate’s mind last Saturday when I told the story.  If this were the 19th century, I’d be sitting in a pub, regaling everyone nearby with my tale, and getting a lot of free beer in the process.)  Whatever happens from here, be it good or bad, this is something I will never, ever forget.  Chris and Steve, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I’m now going to go drown myself in a cup of tea and hope the congestion clears.