John Marzano

Going back to yesterday’s post, it turns out I was right.  When I got home from bowling, I found an email from my agent with some nice news.  Listen to those voices, people!!  (And here I thought my good news was having won the 50/50 raffle.  That’s 16 bucks I didn’t have before…and another $16 in our vacation fund.)  🙂

And speaking of voices (pardon the pun), my Daily Om today was about inner voices.  If I’m so in tune with the universe, could someone please tell me the PowerBall numbers for tomorrow night?

Anyway, going back to the subject at hand, former Red Sox catcher John Marzano died this past weekend .  To be honest, I thought he was something of an irritating know-it-all.  Watching him commenting on the Phillies post game shows or on Daily News Live, he made it sound like he was the only one on earth who knew anything about baseball.  I even put a character in “Release Point” based on him, as an antagonist for Paul.  He is the irritating sports media guy, Mike Martz, who asks Paul for a blurb on having been thrown out of MLB.  On the last rewrite I edited him out because I thought he wasn’t furthering the character but…

When I found out he died, it was a surprise because he was only 45, 4 years older than I am now.  Of course my mind went back to when Dale and Aunt Jeanne died, and I was suddenly so aware of my health and mortality that I went on a diet and exercise regimen and lost 50+ pounds.  (So shoot me, I’ve gained a few back since then.  Plateaus suck.)  I’m back on that mindset again, thanks to Johnny Marz. 

On Saturday night, Comcast showed a retrospective of some of his antics on their sports programming, and until then, I never really noticed what a great sense of humor he had.  They showed him “pumping” bricks behind Derek Gunn, or showing Sal Fasano (former Phillies catcher) around South Philly where JM still lived.  I watched him on DNL last Thursday, getting the Flyers crowd pumped up because he was a huge Philly sports fan himself.  I watched it and thought, “Geez, can’t you be serious for a change?  They’re making so much noise, nobody can get a word in edgewise.”   

The Phillies’ website had an article about JM with this quote:  “It’s not about money, it’s about giving back,” Marzano once said about running his namesake baseball academy. “I can’t tell how many people helped me get to the Majors, because they were people that gave back. It’s something I have to do. Too many times I saw guys make it big, and just turn their backs on who helped get them there. That’s not going to be me.”  Considering I have more than a few people to thank for the blessings I’m enjoying in my life right now, John really knew what he was talking about. 

I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate him more when he was alive.  (It occurrred to me that the know-it-all behavior I didn’t like in him is something I have to tame in myself.)  Needless to say, the Mike Martz character is going back in because, as it turns out, he does ramp up the conflict.  (Something I’m told the manuscript badly needs.)  And when KYW and/or Comcast says where donations to the John Marzano fund can be sent, I’ll be sending something to show my appreciation and respect to someone with a great heart and a terrific sense of humor, who really did know a little something about the game of baseball. 

Thanks, John.