The Next One

No, not Sidney Crosby.  (If you don’t know a little about hockey, you won’t get that.)  I wasn’t in the greatest mood yesterday but I managed to start fiddling with a new idea.  It’s actually a reincarnation of an old idea I started a few years ago, but now I’ve figured out what the protag’s motivation is (other than just being clinically depressed; who wants to read about that?).  In the mean time I had another revelation for creating a feasible conflict in “Release Point” and as usual, it happened in the shower when I had nothing around to write with.  I seriously need to invest in those bathtub crayons the boys used to have when they were little.  It might mean we run out of hot water before John can take his shower, but I hate when I get a great idea and I can’t get it down *somewhere*.  My mind is like a sieve, and I acknowledge and accept that fact.

Yesterday was interesting.  The final judges for the Sheila contest started sending their lists of who they chose as the winners, including one category where the final judge asked for full MSs from all 5 of the finalists.  I got the privilege of calling the finalists to let them know, “Our final judge has asked for a full MS.  Here’s her email address…”  One woman almost fainted.  Another asked if I could repeat what I’d said.  I’d been practicing talking slow for a while before I called her so I know that wasn’t it.  (Usually my speech patterns break the sound barrier.)

After I was done making the calls was when my “purple mood” thought process kicked back in.  It’s probably because I’m close to PMS season and my self-esteem has to be scraped off my shoe on a daily basis.  And really, I don’t have anything to complain about.  I was right about the “good news” thing on Monday, and in the mean time I still have Steve shopping “Listen”.  I think my problem is that I’ve become addicted to good news.  For a while there, every day I came back from lunch and checked my email, and there was something else to get excited about.  I haven’t heard anything exciting in a while, and last night I was giving other people reason to get excited.  That was fun to share, really.  I just wished there were some good news out there for me.  An old friend of mine, if he read this blog, would probably laugh and tell me, “Only you can take something like good news and turn it into a negative.”  🙂

Writers are a damned insecure bunch, aren’t we?  🙂  Of course, I should remind myself that my business cards came in yesterday and they look SO awesome!  Never mind the borders; picture this in nice, firm white paper with a glossy smooth finish.  (I don’t even remember asking for glossy but I got them anyway.)  Now I can go into restaurants and drop my card in the bowl for a free lunch once in a while. 

So for now, I’m working on The Next One and waiting on the next bit of good news.  I didn’t wake up feeling like there was any coming, which isn’t good, because the PowerBall drawing is tonight and I’d SO love to be able to call in “Screw you!” to work tomorrow morning.