Revision hell

It’s been a strange experience, taking an online course in revising one’s manuscript.  I had homework over the weekend but couldn’t get to it, so I worked on it last night while John was at bowling and Ryan was using the laptop to finish a class assignment.  My initial feeling was pure dread; I thought I finished this book over a year ago and the characters wouldn’t “speak” to me anymore.  Much to my surprise, they came back with a passion!  I found myself loving the wounded warrior hero even more than I did before, and now that I’m up to the heroine’s role again, I’m amazed at how much more I know about her this time than I did on the first go-round.  I really hope I can do her justice and give her that much more depth and personality.  I still can’t “see” her to save my life, but I can feel her like she’s sitting beside me, pointing me in the right direction.  I know her like I know my own child. 

On the other hand, I now have a teenager in the house, and every day I’m learning I don’t know him all that well.