Yarn Pig

That would be me.  (I set up a category for Crafts but haven’t used it yet.  No time like the present.)  I’d be tempted to say I own more yarn than AC Moore (or Hobby Lobby, for those south of PA) but they’ve got an incredible selection these days.  There’s SO much more to choose from than there was when I only got my yarn from K-Mart.  On the other hand, I still miss Dazzleaire.  <sniff>

I went to AC Moore yesterday to get a collector’s football case for an autographed football John owns.  It was my day off and I had nothing but time, so I browsed the yarn department too.  Mind you, unless I have a specific project in mind, I do my yarn browsing in the mill-ends section.  Prices go from $4.49 to $5.99 per 16 oz. bag.  At first I saw a nice soft cream-colored yarn, but it was $6 per bag.  Since I didn’t have a use for it in mind, I couldn’t justify buying it and I put it back.  Three steps away I found a beautiful variegated pastel yarn hiding under a pile of white.  I mean, literally hiding; one corner of the bag poked out from under a few dozen bags of white.  I pulled it out and it was a full 16 ounces of gorgeous.  Of course,  I had to have it, but when I pulled that bag out, I found another behind it, and after doing some digging, I found two more stashed away on other shelves.  It occured to me that someone must’ve hidden the yarn so they could come back and get it later…and she’s going to be REALLY mad when she comes back and discovers I took it all.  Life lesson, folks:  you snooze, you lose.

Of course, I have no intended use for this yarn either, but it’s SO soft and the colors are just beautiful; not quite pale, but definitely not screaming primary colors either.  The fibers are smooth, like a high thread count brushed cotton.  I bet it’s going to be so much fun to work with!  I’m sitting on 64 ounces of pure crocheting/knitting bliss.  Fortunately, a month ago I invested in a fantastic book of baby outfits and afghans, and I’m pretty sure if I look through those, I’ll find a good use for it. 

Last night I started a new project:  an oversized afghan with the brilliant orange I picked up a few months ago.  It’s been sitting in the closet, taunting me to find just the right project.  Since I had a day off, I decided there was no better time than right then to start something.  Only problem was, I started something and didn’t like it, so I ripped it out and started something else I didn’t like too much either.  Three rip-outs later, I finally settled on a simple ripple pattern, only all that orange would’ve looked plain that way.  Then I spied my stuffed Otto, the Syracuse Orange mascot, and an idea was born.  Unfortunately I also noticed that if I did 6 rows of orange followed by one row of blue (and then 3 more rows of white), it almost resembles Mets colors.  We definitely can’t have that in OUR house.  😉  I’m hoping the white offsets the Mets resemblance; otherwise we’ll be frogging it again.  (For the unitiated, “frogging” is a craft term.  If your project isn’t working out, you frog it, ie., rip it.  Ha ha ha.) 

This says nothing of the pounds and pounds of yarn in varying shapes, colors, sizes and styles cluttering up our house.  I have a screaming pink yarn that wanted to be an afghan but may just wind up being a ton of scarves instead, perhaps given as a breast cancer fundraiser.  (I swear, sometimes the yarn talks to me; it chooses what it wants and doesn’t want to be.)  There’s also a box of scraps in the living room that I was dipping into—in hopes of cleaning out my closet shelf—but stalled out on when I got bored with it.  I used the half-finished afghan to keep my legs warm last night while we watched TV.  My theory is that if I can’t die ’til I use up my yarn stash, even if I quit my job right now and started crocheting full time , I’d still live forever.  And now that I have that lovely 64 ounces of variegated pastels, I just bought myself a little more longevity.