“By this time tomorrow…”  Whenever I’m nervous about something BIG coming up, I tell myself that at this time tomorrow, I’ll be (whatever or wherever), because by then the event will be over and I won’t be nervous anymore because whatever it is has already happened.  When vacation is coming, I’ll tell myself, “This time next week, I’ll be on the beach.”  Most days, anywhere but at the office is a good place to be.  🙂

This time tomorrow, I will have met Chris Coste and my agent, Steve Harris.  I’m going to Chris’ booksigning tonight in Doylestown.  I confess, I still see ball players as celebrities, even though last year I had my picture taken with Pat Burrell at the Phillies Phestival, and I found out first hand that he’s as human as the rest of us (and also really nice!  He showed me how to flip bottle caps.  I’m no dummy; I brought 3 with me).  I finished reading Chris’ book, and he’s really very intelligent and witty; the kind of guy who’d be great to hang out with and talk to.  So why do I keep getting palpitations when I imagine myself walking up to his table in the book store and shaking his hand and saying, “Thank you for introducing me to your literary agent.  These past two months have been the best time of my life”?  It makes me look forward to this time tomorrow, when I won’t be nervous anymore because it will have already happened, and hopefully I’ll have a photo to show for it.  (If he doesn’t mind.) 

But the fun isn’t in the destination, it’s in the journey, and I’m excited to meet Chris and to get to meet Steve face to face.  I have nothing to be scared about.  I don’t have BO and I’ve never put my shoes on backwards.  Okay, so I talk 90 wpm, but I’m learning to slow that down.  It’ll be fine.  There won’t be any awkward silences because I’m very certain both Chris and Steve have some very interesting things to say.  (If I only get to talk to Chris for 30 seconds before he signs the next person’s book, I better get in my Thank You as fast as I can.)  What am I afraid of?

I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow.  (Ooh!  I’ve always wanted to write a cliffhanger!)  🙂