A Thousand Words

If my usual posts are 400 – 600 words and a picture is worth a thousand words, grab a cup of coffee and sit back.  This may take a while.  🙂 

The turnout amazed Steve.  When I got there at 7, the line was already through the store, out the back, and snaking to the sidewalk.  I guess he underestimated the dedication of Phillies’ fans.  🙂  I told him about the Phestival (this July); it’s definitely an experience. 

Chris was REALLY nice, and I gave him my autism button (“Be patient with me now, and I’ll be kind to you when I write my book”).  I didn’t get to thank him properly for introducing me to Steve, but I’ll save that for July and the Phestival.  As it is, I had SUCH a great time.  Steve kept me company on line so that I barely noticed I was waiting.  My autographed copy of “The 33 Year Old Rookie” is on my shelf of treasured signed books, along with Cal Ripken Jr. and Jenny Crusie/Bob Mayer. 

I came home happy beyond words because in addition to the above, I was still trying to think of the song Kara asks to be her at-bat song, and then Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” came on my iPod.  My story now has a title, and very likely, a theme.  What a great night it was!