A Thousand Words

If my usual posts are 400 – 600 words and a picture is worth a thousand words, grab a cup of coffee and sit back.  This may take a while.  🙂 

The turnout amazed Steve.  When I got there at 7, the line was already through the store, out the back, and snaking to the sidewalk.  I guess he underestimated the dedication of Phillies’ fans.  🙂  I told him about the Phestival (this July); it’s definitely an experience. 

Chris was REALLY nice, and I gave him my autism button (“Be patient with me now, and I’ll be kind to you when I write my book”).  I didn’t get to thank him properly for introducing me to Steve, but I’ll save that for July and the Phestival.  As it is, I had SUCH a great time.  Steve kept me company on line so that I barely noticed I was waiting.  My autographed copy of “The 33 Year Old Rookie” is on my shelf of treasured signed books, along with Cal Ripken Jr. and Jenny Crusie/Bob Mayer. 

I came home happy beyond words because in addition to the above, I was still trying to think of the song Kara asks to be her at-bat song, and then Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” came on my iPod.  My story now has a title, and very likely, a theme.  What a great night it was! 


3 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. Yay! What a great time you must have had Carla! And, yes, here’s hoping he comes to YOUR book signing someday! Great picture, btw!

  2. I’m so glad this experience was all you’d hoped for. You look gorgeous! I second Judi’s sentiments…and hope Steve will return the favor one day soon!

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