Baseball Junkies Anonymous

This is my Baseball Weekend.  It happens once in a while.  We’re going to the Marlins/Phillies game tonight (Hall of Fame Club seats rock!) and again tomorrow in our usual Sunday Season Ticket package seats (section 433, row 1).  I’d even be at the batting cage right now if it weren’t storming outside.  In “Release Point”, Paul can’t stand rain.  The sound of it makes him feel like someone’s tied his hands behind his back because when it’s raining, he can’t play.  Toward the end of the story, Paul and Grace walk through the rain together, hand in hand.  That’s when he’s made his transformation, when he realizes he can have a life outside of baseball.  That’s also when he figures out who set him up, and he gets offered another chance to play, only it means leaving Grace behind in Atlantic City.  At that point, what means more to him, baseball or the love he’s found with Grace? 

Me, I’m a baseball nut.  I love most sports, but baseball’s my game.  I don’t miss a Phillies game if I can help it.  (Twenty-four hours after I shook his hand, Chris Coste knocked in a 3-run homer that tied the game last night.  Coincidence?)  Some day when/if I retire, I’m going to get an RV and go to every major league ballpark in the country (and Canada, because we can’t count out the Blue Jays), and maybe some minor league parks too.  We’d be going to see the Dodgers AAA team in Vegas this August if they were playing at home when we’re there.  Alas, I’ll just have to settle for driving the Richard Petty Experience instead.  🙂 

But right now it’s raining outside so I can’t go hit a few and de-stress myself.  Not that I’m stressed.  I’m working on a new MS, rewriting another one, listening to Garth Brooks, and tonight when the ump says “Play ball!”, I go perfectly zen.  That is, unless it’s raining.