RIP, Baseball Weekend

It was a good weekend.  The Phillies are in 1st in the NL East by 1/2 a game over the Marlins, who they beat today, 7-5.  Burrell hit a 2-run double to take the lead and they never looked back.  As I understand it, Lidge was psyched to take the mound in the top of the 9th but I don’t know; I was on I-295 North, going to Bordentown to pick the boys up.  I saw Alex’s face in the window of my ex’s Corolla and my first thought was, “There’s my babies!”  As much as they drive me crazy sometimes, I always miss them and can’t wait to take them home again on Sundays after visitation weekends.  Next weekend we’re either going to the Mental Health Community Fair Day at Elmwood Park Zoo, or we’re going to see “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”.  (Can’t you just hear the theme music now?)  Either one will be an adventure. 

John and I got to the ballpark early.  One of these days I want to meet the guy who runs the Phanavision because in the pre-game entertainment, he never fails to play at least one song that sparks my imagination.  Over the last two years i’ve downloaded at least a dozen songs that made me stop what I was doing and reach for the notepad I always carry with me.  Today it was Matt Wertz’s “5:19”.  It sounded like how Josh feels about Kara in my new WIP (which, it occurred to me, isn’t a traditional romance, though it is a love story…about baseball).  Of course, if everyone would leave me alone for three minutes, I could hear the entire song through so I know for certain.  What I’ve heard of it, though, I adore. 

Tomorrow is Monday.  I hate Mondays.  I almost hate Sundays more because I know when they’re over, Monday is waiting around the corner to make me miserable.  Five more days of waking up pre-dawn, running around like a nut, trying to coordinate everyone into getting where they need to be on time.  On the other hand, I have a strong feeling that somewhere during this week, Kara’s story is going to hit a fever pitch and I won’t be able to do anything else BUT write, and that, my friends, is a wonderful thing.  I hope you all have something you feel as passionate about.  Passion is a wonderful thing, be it about a person, a hobby, writing, or baseball.  IMHO, Life without Passion is Death.