Second Chances

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes hear voices.  I’m told (from humans, not the voices) that it’s not all that uncommon.  Once in a while, though, I “hear” from things.

Yesterday I was in WalMart picking up a few things and I remembered that I wanted to get tomato plants.  In the summer, there’s nothing as good as a home-grown tomato.  I’ve heard that WalMart’s garden department isn’t the best (Home Depot’s is better) so I knew what to expect going in, but of the few tomato plants left, there was one straggly looking hybrid tomato that looked like it hadn’t seen water in a week.  The soil was parched and the leaves were grayish and drooping.  The poor thing was starving to death, so of course I took that one because I was pretty sure I could bring it back to life.  It “talked” to me.  Of course, so did the checkout clerk, who clucked her tongue and shook her head, “Oh!  So sad, they could let these things get this bad.  What a shame.”

I brought it home, along with a grape tomato plant, and potted them.  I soaked the hybrid with water and within minutes it came alive again.  The leaves were lush and green, and it had perked up and was practically shouting to the world, “Here I am!  I’m back, and I’m ready!”  (The grape tomato plant, it seems, has a broken stem I didn’t notice when I picked it up, but I staked it and planted it deep, so hopefully it’ll get stronger.) 

I checked my little tomato plant this morning before I left the house, and it’s standing tall and proud and excited to be alive.  I gave it a second chance, and I have a feeling in a few months, it’s going to give me some delicious tomatoes in return. 

This morning when I came in to work, I had an email from “Daily OM” about second chances.  It said when you meet someone for the first time and you don’t take to them right away, think about giving them a second chance.  Maybe they were having a bad day or were distracted and couldn’t make a good first impression, but they were put in your life for a reason so it’s often not a bad idea to give them a second chance.  You just never know.  Funny, but I’m usually better at giving things second chances, not people.  Maybe it’s something I need to learn.