In the quiet

It’s quiet here at work today.  I’m afraid my typing may cause echoes that can be heard on the other side of the room, and this room is considerably large.  There used to be 200 people working in here, in cubes smaller than the average prison cell.  Since SysAdmin moved out on Friday, we’ve estimated we’re down to 18:  Accounting, Credit/Collections, and OSS (where I am).  Before too long they might just tell us to bring our laptops to the cafeteria and make the best of it.  I’m a little nervous because Accounting is taking Wednesday off; they’ve been told they have to come in on July 3rd, which is a company holiday, so to balance things off, they’re calling June 11th a holiday instead.  This will leave all of 8 people in this room.  It’s going to be like a crypt.

Last night at 10, I had the house to myself.  John went to bed and the boys shut off their TV, so I cleaned up a little and then sat down at the computer to see what I could do to kick-start Paul’s motivation in Release Point.  I didn’t turn on the music because it was so peacefully quiet that I could almost feel the Muse reaching out to me, unhindered by blaring televisions or querying husbands or nagging children or bumping washer/dryers.  In my mind it was like standing alone in the dark in the middle of an open field and feeling myself soaking up energy from the universe.  It was bliss.  Only problem was, I went to bed at 11 (purely out of my sense of duty; I could’ve stayed up all night, if only I had something in my head that made any sense) and couldn’t get to sleep.  Going to sleep after midnight and waking up at 5:30 don’t do much for coherence, let alone creativity .

Still, for a little while, I learned to love the silence.  Most of the times I’m afraid of it because silence means no one’s there.  Some day silence will mean that the boys have moved out and are off living their lives without me, or maybe John’s somewhere else.  (I’m thinking Rochester, people.)  Last night, silence meant everyone was where they were supposed to be, and all was right with our family.  I think because I could relax in that respect was why the Muse paid me a personal, direct visit.  When we have a house and I have an “office”, I’m going to make up a space just for her so she can come visit more often.