I like that word:  retraction.  It’s a combination of two words, “retro” and “action”, as in going back in time.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Especially when there are days when I put my foot squarely in my mouth and I wish I could go back in time to prevent myself from making that particular mistake again. 

I’m not even published yet, and it seems I already managed to p*ss someone off with my post about hoping Willie Nelson doesn’t throw another FarmAid concert.  Rather than go back and remove what I originally posted (in the interest of fairness, in case anyone else wants to know how offensive I was),  I’ll write right here that I was wrong.  I didn’t realize just how much good work the FarmAid organization does for the American farmer, as opposed to the corporate farmer.  I have recently learned these are two completely different animals. 

That said, I still think those farm subsidies the government hands out to farmers could now be better put to use by another equally deserving segment of the American public.  Any one of them.  Pick a card, any card:

Special education in public schools (my personal favorite). 

Children’s hospitals. 

The homeless. 

The uninsured. 

Mental health institutions.

Police and fire departments (woefully underappreciated!). 

The public hospital system.  When was the last time a single Tylenol pill cost you $25?

There are hundreds of thousands of other groups who deserve assistance, attention and respect, along with the American corn farmer, who’s currently “doing pretty well”, as I’ve been told.

I hope all those nice folks at FarmAid (and thereabouts) who’ve taken the time to comment and share their time, wisdom and information with me will understand when I don’t write them a check.  This is America, after all, and we can each choose who we want to receive our largesse.  Unless, of course, the government decides for us, but there’s nothing I can do about that.  Except vote.

Remind me to never EVER bring up the Iraq war.  (Prayers, as always, to Chris Costello and his brothers in arms.  Come home safe and soon.)