Day One

Day One:  weight lost, 2 pounds.  Total weight lost, 2 pounds.  Hey, it’s only day one.

Yes, I worked out.  I made myself do it, and promised myself that the endorphins would make it worthwhile.  I don’t know if they hit, though, because after I worked out, I sat on the couch to watch the news and I passed out for 20 minutes. 

Still, I resisted all temptations.  (It wasn’t easy.  I forgot I had 2 packs of 100-calorie Hostess Cupcakes in the ‘fridge.  I can’t have them for the first 2 weeks, so they might wind up being Alex’s.)  I also didn’t turn on the laptop after I got home.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  I’m almost done with the baby spiderghan I started in mixed colors; the afghan barely made a dent in them.  Tonight I put on the edging and that’s it.  On to something else so I can continue to use up my yarn stash. 

I pushed forward with the rewrite, but I think I’m stuck.  I want Paul and Grace to meet on equal terms and I can’t seem to get out of his introspection.  Granted, he has a lot to think about, but still.  The way the scene had been set up, they crashed into each other, but I have to change that; it’s not realistic.  Even when I’m deep in thought while I’m walking, I’d notice if someone like Paul Dante was about to cross my path.  (Did I mention that Josh Holloway is my placeholder for Paul?)  We’re not looking at houses today, though, so maybe I’ll take a SBD (South Beach Diet) walk at lunchtime and see if I can’t clear the logjam in my head. 


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