Day Five

Day Five:  weight lost, 1 pound; total weight lost, 5.2 pounds.  I had a feeling that would come off pretty easily.  I mght’ve lost more, but I enjoyed a few rum & diet cokes at the end of the day.  I didn’t snack in the afternoon and even managed to resist McDonalds when I dropped the boys off.  (I had a bottle of water and a piece of gum.  I’m so proud of myself.)  🙂 

We’re looking at one house this afternoon, but John’s already seen it; he likes it, and it’s in a great location in a nice little neighborhood.  I’ve got a good feeling about this place, but I’d have a good feeling about any house that comes with a hot tub.  

Otherwise we have nothing else going on this weekend, which is fine with me.  I’ll get my workout in, pick up a few things we’re out of, and relax.  On the drive home last night I let the iPod go on shuffle and a few songs got me thinking about my friend Adele’s series that she just sold; it’s a unique concept centering on a classic T-bird with a GPS system that has the power to grant wishes.  She sold it just on the idea and is now writing the books to go with it.  I know Casey and Becca isn’t exactly a unique story idea; Grace and Paul are closer to unique because of the plot; Kara and Josh is a lot more unique, with the story centering on the first female MLB ballplayer.  (I had to make myself stop working on it so I could work on Grace and Paul.)  Now I have a new idea, about a guy who writes romance novels and has to hide what he’s doing until he realizes, he’s so busy writing and working his day job that he hasn’t had time to experience a romance in his own life, and he wants to make sure he’s not off-target.  He’s not interested in a long-term thing; he just wants to drum up some material to write about.  He collaborates with a female bartender and things go on from there. 

I was reading recently that editors like to know they’re going to get “more of the same” from an author.  That makes me nervous because I may be hopping genres, not out of romance altogether, but Jake’s story would be a romantic comedy and I’ve never written one before.  According to Michael Hauge, the key element of a romantic comedy is that someone is hiding something from someone else.  But I have to write what I have to write.  It’s more fun that way.  (I know there’s a story in me with autism as a key element, and there’s nothing comic about that.)

Okay, so I have the characters, plot and conflilct; I’m just not sure where it’s going.  So that could take a good portion of my time.  My idea of a perfect weekend.  🙂 


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