Day Six

Day six weight gain:  1.4 pounds.  Total weight lost, 3.6 pounds.  Darn that chili, but there weren’t a lot of options.  After house-hunting and shopping at Wegman’s, we came home hungry but there wasn’t much to eat that didn’t take a while to make.  I made John some sausage but I didn’t have anything for myself that I could eat during the first Phase of the SBD so I had the last of the chili along with more than my share of curds.  (How often can we find cheese curds in SE PA?)  Otherwise I was perfect on my diet but apparently sometimes perfect isn’t enough. 

I’d love it if John offers to make dinner.  I’m so darn tired of cooking, I could cry.  Then again, spending the week turning down baked goods, chocolate, and beer, I’m ready to cry anyway.  I think that’s why I felt edgy last night.  I had this feeling that something was crawling under my skin.  Last time I felt that way, I gave in and had a chocolate chip cookie and a small fries at McDonalds.  I felt better, but that started me on a path that gained me 10 pounds.  I don’t want to go there again.  My tight shorts aren’t so tight anymore and my knee isn’t bothering me.  I’m sticking with this, and hopefully the crawly feeling will pass.

We may have found The House.  I really liked the layout.  The carpet shag is fine, even though it’s stained in the high-traffic areas.  The basement freaks me out a little; the floor is that tiny white tile I had in mind for the entrance to Paul’s bar at the end of Release point.  I can’t see myself walking barefoot on it, it’d just be too cold and I have permanently cold feet.  But there’s a nook off the dining area for a small office, the kitchen is bigger than we can use (small cooking area plus large eat-in area AND a dining room), it’s got a 2 car garage and a huge basement.  The seller had an in-house salon going on; the basement door off the driveway leads into a small space with three sit-down dryers and a hair washing sink.  There might be water damage around the sink but I don’t plan on using it unless one of the boys gets lice again.  (Ugh.)  I didn’t even mention the back yard, which is HUGE.  It’s got a deck the size of a small yacht, a hot tub, a koy pond, a shed and gardening space.  The front porch reminds me of my great-grandmother’s apartment in Allentown.  I was a little concerned with the concept that we’re technically in the city of Norristown there—no more relaxed country living like here—but I’m sure I can learn to deal with it.  The garden is just amazing; I’d be terrified to not do half as good a job as the seller did.

The down side is that they’re asking for $219K.  I’m going to ask Kim to find out what the seller still owes on the mortgage, but the listing says “motivated sellers” so I’d like to know how motivated they are.  This week isn’t good for house-hunting (end of Q2 at work) so we’d probably have Mom and Dad come see it next week, but I can talk to the mortgage company about how to get things started.  If they’ll take $160K, I’ll start packing.

I didn’t get any writing done; I dabbled with Jake’s story but realized that I started him out as a sexist and had to change that before I went to bed.  I finished the spiderghan (finally) and decided to work more on the knitted scrapghan.  We watched Saturday Night Live; they replayed the first airing, with George Carlin as the host.  He did a brief stand-up and at one point he asked, “Do you ever watch old movies and wonder if the people in the crowd are dead now?”  Too creepy.