Day Nine

Day nine weight loss:  3.8 pounds?  Total weight loss:  7.0 pounds.  All it took was a crazy day at the office.  I didn’t even have time to think about snacking, and I only ate the nuts I brought for snack because it was 4:00 and I didn’t want to be hungry when I got home.   I skipped the 10:00 snack altogether and didn’t even leave the building; John got us salads and brought mine back for me.  I have to do that more often.  (The not snacking part, not the crazy day at work part, but unfortunately that kind of thing happens at the start of every month.  Still, it could be worse.  Our accounting department was told they have to come in tomorrow, which is supposed to be a company holiday.  John talked to one lady who’s coming in tomorrow, working remote on Friday (4th of July!) and coming in Saturday and for a short time on Sunday.  There are days I tell myself I’m in the wrong line of work, but I’m also glad I’m not in that one.)

Mentally I’m either better or I’m burying it again.  One thing that surprised me was that when John left for the gym, I walked away from the computer and went to work out.  I didn’t really want to but I didn’t slow down, either; I put the DVD on and got to work.  When I was done, I grabbed my JR Ward book and over the course of the night I devoured almost 200 pages.  I want to have the first in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series done before we start our July 4th plans so I can grab the 2nd one and start fresh.  Laura was right, it’s book crack.  I SO hope we got into the JR Ward presentation at the NJ conference in October, but no one’s told us yet.  I’m going to be really pissed if we don’t find out ’til we get there.  The presentation is at 8 in the morning, and I hate waking up early for no good reason.

John’s not coming to work today so I hope I can get a walk in at lunch and clear my head.  I worked on Jake’s story yesterday (the guy romance writer); he needs a stronger motivation, but that may just be my judgment clouded by the Black Dagger series.  With them, it’s life or death.  With Jake, it’s just major embarrassment and a possible change of employers.  Sounds wimpy by comparison, doesn’t it?  JR Ward makes me not want to write romantic comedy, she’s that good.  If anyone asks, Steph got me into this, darnit.  🙂 

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