I had to post this because I’m just so excited!  From PA House Speaker Dennis O’Brien, via the ASA Loop:

I am proud to report that the House of Representatives today made a several small but fundamental improvements to House Bill 1150 that will strengthen its scope of mandated coverage for autism services.  I can now say in confidence that House Bill 1150 is the best autism insurance reform bill in the country.

This success was made possible by the tireless efforts of hundreds of autism advocates from across the state and beyond who made their voices heard here in Harrisburg.

With your full support, I offered an amendment to include in this legislation precise definitions of mandated care.  These definitions ensure than the bill will cover essential autism services, including those to prevent regression.

The House heard your voices, and accepted my amendment unanimously.  In accordance with my agreement with Senate leaders, the Senate is expected to concur with my amendment and send the bill to the Governor Rendell for his signature in the next few days.  Thank you all – this bill was a long time in coming, and we could not have done it without your support


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