Day Ten

Weight gained, 0.8 pounds; total weight lost, 6.2 pounds.  It still feels better than it looks, but that’s partly because I took a vent-your-frustrations walk yesterday at lunch time.  John didn’t go to work so I stayed in and got some unpleasant news just before lunch, so I strapped on my sneakers, turned the iPod up loud (so as not to hear the voices in my head), and stormed across the neighborhood.  I probably came in smelling like a wet dog but I felt better for having excised my demons.  On the other hand, I put on a little weight because John took me out for an early dinner (lots of Early Birds in Applebee’s at 4 in the afternoon) and by 9 when he opened the tray of fruit he bought for the trip, those cantalope slices and red grapes tasted SO good.  My bad, but I’ll work it off today. 

Forgive me but I’m taking the 4th of July holiday off in every respect.  I have 2 more JR Ward books to read, lots of crochet, and I’m turning the computer and my brain off.  Gonna be a lot of family time in my future.  If I survive, I’ll check in on Sunday afternoon.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!