Vote for Pat!

I’m back in time to start the drive to Vote Pat Burrell into the 2008 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium on July 14th, 2008!  Come on, folks, there’s 2 Phillies already going to the game; Pat’s stats are phenomenal this year and aside from that, he’s adorable and a REALLY nice guy!  How many other ball players would’ve taken the time to show me how to shoot Bottlecap Baseball during our photo session at last year’s Phillies Phestival for ALS?  

There should be a widget showing up somewhere along the line but I’ve never posted one so we’ll see how it goes.  In the mean time, enjoy this pic from a few years back.  Let’s just say this man REALLY knows how to swing a bat.  🙂 

Man or Machine?
Man or Machine?

And just to prove that yes, I’ve met the man, check this out.  That’s me and Ryan last July.

2 thoughts on “Vote for Pat!

  1. LOL Thanks, Adele! You really have to meet him in person. He’s just such a nice guy, and holy moley, he’s even better looking when he’s looking back at you. 🙂

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