Day…oh heck, I forget

Don’t ask me how I did it but I lost 2.4 pounds.  Maybe it was eating as little as possible, and having so much to do during the day that eating was an afterthought.  Maybe it was having discovered spaghetti squash, easily the best thing that grows on this planet since the hops that make beer.  (It looks like spaghetti but it tastes like sweet potatoes, not to mention one small squash yields a family-size portion or several leftovers for families where only one person likes it.  I’m in love!)  My total loss now is 6 pounds, which is up since we went away for 4th of July–I got a little stupid on s’mores and chips–but I’m back on track and determined to keep going.  Last night after showing my parents the 2 houses on our Top Two list, running out for a haircut, and cleaning up the boys’ bathroom before my parents got there, by the end of the afternoon I just wanted to bag the workout and take a nap, but I pushed myself to work out anyway.  I told myself I’d feel proud of myself if I did it, and I did. 

The house-hunting is wearing us thin.  John’s tired of looking and he thinks we’re running out of affordable houses we would like.  I’m not ready to give up yet, but I showed my parents Powell Street and Caroline Drive.  Caroline needs a lot less maintenance, both now and in the long run, but it doesn’t have a lot of charm; it’s on a block where every house around for half a mile looks exactly the same, except for the gardens and some minor affectations.  It’s like living in blue-collar low-income housing.  Powell Street is oozing with charm but it may also ooze from the sewer connection in the basement or the poorly aimed downpouts or the gaps in the siding that lead directly to the foundation.  (All stuff I didn’t notice when I was falling in love with the place.) 

I had an interesting experience at Powell Street.  We checked out the koi pond and I noticed one had gotten over the mesh that covers the surface of the pond (to protect it from predators, I suppose) and it couldn’t get back down to where the food was.  Poor thing was thrashing around trying to get back but it couldn’t.  I have no idea how it got up there in the first place or how long it had been there, but I went around to the other side of the pond and managed to get it back where it needed to be.  Now I feel like I should go back and check on it to make sure it’s okay and it didn’t get back over the mesh again.  (I pulled the edge of the mesh up, under the tree, to try to keep that from happening.)  I have this proprietary feeling about them, that I may have adopted someone else’s fish.  🙂  But it made me feel better knowing that pretty little red fish won’t be some cat’s meal or won’t die and rot on top of the koi pond. 

Ah, well.  Off to keep looking.  And keep writing.  Writer’s block is a b*tch.