Moving On

No, I’m not going anywhere.  I just lost track of what day my diet was on, and I didn’t work out last night anyway and I gained back a pound.  Chalk it up to PMS and salty potato chips.  I’m still in the negative, and that’s good, and I’m being good today because I brought spinach salad for lunch.  That’s part of what worked so well for me on Tuesday.  (That and a lot of walking and sweating.)

I had a Schatzki Ring episode yesterday.  Two, in fact.  For those who don’t know, there’s a ring of cartilege in the throat that, in my case, narrows when I get tense.  John’s been so wired up at work that I couldn’t eat breakfast for 1/2 an hour yesterday, and last night again, my fish dinner wouldn’t go down.  By the time I could finally swallow–even water won’t go down–my dinner was ice cold and I tossed out what was left.  Why couldn’t this have happened before I had that small bowl of low-fat potato chips?  🙂  On the other hand, those don’t get cold and taste like poo.

I’ve read 2 Alison DuBois books and she mentions that sometimes things aren’t coincidental, that we have spirits (usually loved ones on the other side) that try to send us messages.  I wrote about it in Alpha State; Luke is Kate’s spirit guide, sending her messages electronically until she’s able to recognize him.  When she’s in a lousy mood, he sets it up so she switches radio stations (you know what that’s like; you hear commercial after commercial, like there isn’t a station on the dial that’s playing any music) until she lands on a song that reminds her of him.  Once in a while it happens to me so I call my spirit guide Luke.  He can be a pain in the butt sometimes because he knows what I need to hear and when, whether I like it or not.

This morning I wasn’t feeling all that great; between yesterday’s two throat-spasm experiences, a lousy day at work, and all the rain, I just didn’t have the energy.  I contemplated staying home but that would’ve just left me sitting alone to wallow in self-pity, and I do enough of that anyway.  Besides, I wasn’t really sick, I was just tired.  I got the boys in the car and we dragged ourselves to camp, and I turned on the radio instead of putting on my iPod.  B101 played Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” and some of the lyrics stood out to me: 

“Hold on for one more day”

“You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness; you got yourself into your own mess”

“Let your worries pass you by”

“No one can change your life except for you”

Okay, Luke, I get the point.  🙂