Don’t ask about the diet.  I screwed it up royally today, but it’s only for today.  Tomorrow I’ll be better, and Monday I’ll be fully back on track.

Speaking of which, I have ideas again!  Yay!  Writer’s block is a dog but sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and get on with your life until it goes away.  Mine hit me yesterday.  I heard a song that clicked with the story about the man who writes romance novels, only he can’t tell anyone because he’s a teacher at a Catholic school.  (The nuns would frown on that.)  All of a sudden, I was writing notes and smiling again.  Last night, before I went to bed, I got an idea for an article I can write for my RWA chapter newsletter.  I was thinking about how those of us in the chapter sometimes give presentations about things that are our strong suit, but what would I have to talk about?  Do I even have a strong suit?  Of course:  sports.  I can “teach” the ladies who want to write a character who enjoys sports, or even just those who want to keep up with their husbands/boyfriends during sports seasons, what they’re watching.  After all, I knew nothing of football when Tom spent his Sundays in front of the Giants games, until the day my mom made it all make sense.  If I’ve learned one thing over time, it’s that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Why be a football widow when you can share in the fun? 

In addition to all this, my chapter meeting was today.  It never fails to serve as a wonderful source of inspiration.  Adele gave an interesting presentation on power titles.  I was going to bring up “Release Point” when I came to two conclusions:  1. the title fits her criteria, and 2. I like it and don’t plan on changing it unless an editor has a better idea.  Of course, that one’s not finished, so I probably should’ve asked about “Listen To Your Heart” instead.  If that one had a catchier title…?  Plus Laura and I got time to catch up.  Ordinarily we write 10 page emails–it used to be daily but I think we exhausted each other–about writing and family and whatever, but this time we stood in the restaurant parking lot after lunch and talked for over an hour.  That was probably a week’s worth of email right there.  We saved our wrists for typing more WIPs.  But we had a blast, and we need this monthly communion of writers to refresh our batteries.  I know I needed it, big time.  On some level I knew today was coming so my idea cells woke up just in time, on purpose.