Welcome to Bipolar Hell

I swear, I’m not making fun of anyone with bipolar disorder.  I had a friend who struggled with it and I’ve researched it for a character, so I know it’s nothing to joke about.  I’m only talking about the polar opposite directions my day has taken so far.

First, we got the call that there is another offer on the house we want.  It’s “decent”, we’re told, but we don’t know the number, so this is to be a silent auction.  We’re upping our offer but I’m nervous; how close to broke is this going to make us every month?  (The lender is revising our pre-application numbers.)  We’ve concluded that if the other offer is better, good luck to them.  We’ll put an offer in on the other house across the street.  (“Sweet Caroline…”)  So what if the park isn’t our back yard; it’s just a few feet away, and the backup house doesn’t need a new deck in a year or two.  (I swear, if that deck collapses next summer, I’m going to laugh my butt off…right after I call 911.) 

Then I got the call that Release Point finaled in the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book contest.  I’m one of just three finalists so holy geez, my book is one of the three best entries?  Woo hoo!  I’ve never finaled in anything so I’m pretty excited.  The truly cool thing is that so many of my VFRW sisters are going to the NJ conference (where the winners are announced), including Laura and Robin and Judi, so I’m going to have my own cheering section there.  Hopefully they can keep me from being too nervous and/or throwing up.  (I’m not taking any bets.)  I wonder if I get to wear a “Kiss me, I’m a finalist” button?  🙂

I’m picking up cherries on the way home because I want some (even though they’re not on my diet), and I’m making us a nice dinner, and whatever happens with the house or the contest, happens.  Life is still good, no matter what.  (Quite the switch from my frame of mind yesterday, huh?)


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