Day Off

I have no idea how long it’s been since I took a serious day off.  I mean like, not going to work, not looking at work-related email, not even thinking about the office.  It’s sweet beyond words.  The alarm went off at the same time as always but I laid there, guilt-free, and snoozed for half an hour. 

On the other hand, I’ve got a ton of stuff to do today.  I have to go to the bank to get a signature guarantee so our money market fund can transfer our “good faith” money to the checking account, and then we meet with Kim to finalize the offer paperwork.  (I’m looking at it on the table beside me; the local phone book is jealous.)  Then I go to the Sunshine Games at the boys’ camp.  THAT much will be fun; Variety Club does all-day parties right.  🙂  There’ll be moon bounces at every turn, water games, baseketball, softball, food, music, dancing and smiles, you name it.  Given everything else I have going on today, it makes me want to be 11 all over again.

But I’m also going to mix in some fun just for me.  I’m going to stop at AC Moore and get myself some short knitting needles so I might be able to knit on the plane to Vegas.  (I’m told knitting needles are on TSA’s “okay” list, but I’m also told it depends on who’s doing the checking.  As long as they’re not my grandmothers’ needles, I’ll take a chance.)  I’m going to take the boys to Rita’s for custard after the Games.  I’m going to relax and knit for a while this afternoon, and tonight with our steak dinner (it’s sitting in marinade right now) I’m going to enjoy a lovely little glass of wine.  On top of everything else, when the joy of today is over, I still have the whole weekend ahead of me. 

Maybe John’s got a point.  Maybe it’s more fun taking off on Fridays rather than Mondays.  My only problem with Sundays is knowing that Monday’s right around the corner.  Ugh.

And on top of everything else, I’m still buzzed over the Put Your Heart in a Book finalist placement.  When the official announcement comes out, I’ll post it here.  I’m not bragging.  Much.  (But man, did my ego need this right now.)  🙂