“Champion” and other songs

I heard this song last night and it hit a nerve.  A week before, when I was in PMS, it would’ve rolled off my back like water off a duck, but this week, the timing was right. 


I’m not sure if this counts as Deus Ex iPod again (I’ve had that happen a few times since I blogged about it) but it feels good, and I needed to hear it.  I was thinking this morning, as Jon McLaughlin’s “So Close” came on, about how some songs just wrap themselves around my stories, the way “So Close” is all over “Worlds Apart”.  “Centerfield” is all over “Release Point”, and “Taking Chances” is all over “Listen to Your Heart”, and “If You’re Reading This” is the working title for my current project as well as a fantastic Tim McGraw song that brings tears to my eyes every time.  “Champions” could be the theme for Kara’s story (first female MLB player); that girl is going to have to fight, kick and claw her way to get what she wants, even if it means letting go of the love of her life (is it a man?  is it baseball?  who knows?), but that’s not the story I’m working on at the moment.  That one’s marinating in the background, waiting for her turn to shine.  And shine she will.  Alas, if I could go back 30 years in my life, the different decisions I’d make.