I’m feeling a lot better lately.  It might have something to do with being nominated for a service award from the VFRW.  I’m just grateful to get noticed, but I still plan on voting for Laura.  She deserves it SO much more than I do. 

I’ve discovered a new time-suck in the form of the Special Needs Election loop.  I’m not saying it’s not worthwhile, but it IS taking a lot of my time away from other things.  On the other hand, it’s intellectually stimulating, especially when a pro-McCain/Palin supporter comes on saying why they don’t like Obama/Biden.  The rest of us come up with reasonable concepts to combat that, to which we usually hear something like, “Yah, well, I still don’t like him.”  And that, my friends, is how W got elected not once but twice.  Either that or, as I suspect, he had people fiddling with the electronic voting booths.  I can say that with some degree of confidence because my company provides the voting machines for some states, and I know all too well that my employer is F’ed up with a capital F.  How’s THAT for biting the hand that feeds you?

But I digress.  Someone posted a link to this blog and I found it absolutely wonderful.  If you can read more than just the most recent blog post, read the one about the anti-Palin rally in Anchorage.  If I could’ve stood and cheered at the computer (and had it had any impact), I would have.  http://mudflats.wordpress.com/2008/09/14/the-ed-schultz-shows-town-hall-meeting-in-anchorage/

I’m so relieved to know there are more than just a few of us behind Obama.  (I wish the polls reflected that!)  My fear, however, is that there are lot more of “them” than there are of “us”.  One woman came on saying her choice for president doesn’t necessarily have to be smart; that there are plenty of “smart types” where she lives in Silicon Valley, and they don’t impress her.  I’m not going to say what I’m thinking, but boy, am I tempted.

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