So Long, Old Friend

Just a quick update to yesterday’s post.  Yes, I cried.  I watched ESPN’s showing of the pre-final-game celebration and my eyes leaked for 45 straight minutes.  My all-time favorite Yankee, Paul O’Neill, took right field for the last time and I lost it.  Julia Ruth Stevens (daughter of The Babe) threw out the first pitch to Jorge Posada and I lost it.  Then when Bald Vinny got up to do the last Roll Call in the top of the first, I lost it all over again…and I clapped and chanted out the names along with him.  I’m SO grateful ESPN gave me that last chance to feel like I was a part of the crowd.  God willing, there’ll be another Section 39 in the new ballpark, and Bald Vinny will go to every single game, and then when the day comes, Little Bald Vinny takes his father’s place.  Roll Call is as much a tradition now as Yankee Stadium itself.

John insists they’re going to take down Yankee Stadium.  I can’t imagine it.  It’s a shrine to baseball as much as Wrigley Field (which I have yet to see in person) and Fenway Park (which I have seen in person, and I loved it) and even the Hall of Fame.  When do we stop taking apart pieces of our past in favor of so-called “progress”?  The cornerstone to Ebbet’s Field is in Cooperstown now.  How in the world are they going to fit all of Yankee Stadium in there? 

On the other hand, there’s nowhere to park in that part of the Bronx now.  I just can’t imagine parking my car on the spot where Babe Ruth once ran the bases.  If I were the Bambino, I’d be intensely offended.  🙂

So long, old friend.  You’ll be forever in my heart.