Where to Start?

I’m desperately in need of some catch-up time.  Let me begin by wishing the Phillies a hearty CONGRATULATIONS! on making the post-season for the 2nd straight year!  I missed the game because I was at my parents’ in Albany, making up for all their drives down to PA to inspect prospective houses for us.  I got to spend some quality time with my niece, River, who’s a total doll.  She’s at that adorable stage where they crawl around on the floor and look up at you like you’re both God and something to be used to their advantage.  I got to feed her, play with her, and we cheered together when I saw that the Phillies won on Saturday.  She had no idea why I was jumping around with her on my hip, and I doubt my sister jumps around all that much, but I’ve decided a) I’m going to make her a Phillies fan, and b) she’s going to go to either Temple or PSU.  That way she can hang out with us and we’ll all have fun together while she grows up. 

We bought a house, or at least, our offer was accepted and we’ve started the financial ball rolling.  How it’s all going to work out, I don’t know, but our closing is scheduled for November 5th, the day after the election.  Considering the debates last Friday, it’ll definitely be an interesting time in American history for all of us, for multiple reasons.  I drove the boys past the house on Friday afternoon.  I doubt it sank in for either of them, probably because we’ve done this before and it didn’t work out.  Usually taking them to see the house I have in mind is the death knell for that idea, but this time I waited ’til we had a signed offer.  It’ll be something else to take them inside and show them where their rooms will be.  (After they get out of school on the 5th.) 

It’s funny; that seems to be about it since the last time I blogged, but it’s also pretty large stuff from my POV.  Now starts the joy of packing and throwing out.  I may be 41 years old but I need to really consider what I’m going to do about my teddy bear collection.  They’re spread out across my couch now, but I don’t want to give that same “youthful” (read:  immature) image in my house, but where are they going to go that’s both safe and pleasant for them?  Until I know for sure about potential water in the basement, they’re not going there, and I’m not sure the bedroom will have enough space for all of them.  John, too, has to decide what to do with his sports collectibles.  (He promised me he’d start packing that stuff up while we were gone, but I came home to find the 2 empty boxes still empty.)  At least his stuff looks relatively adult and mature, until you get a good look at the volume of stuff he has.  That case with the ’01 Orioles starting lineup autographed baseballs is going to be the centerpiece, of course.

Ah, what fun we have ahead of us.  I guess it’s a good thing I finished the edits on Release Point, so there’s nothing else vital that needs my attention (much to my chagrin).  I know what this is all about.  It’s happened before where I was writing before a major event and my Muse shut down to let the major event pass.  It’s frustrating as all hell because just when I need to get my mind off my problems, I can’t.  Or maybe it’s the Universe’s way of telling me what I need to focus on at the moment. 

Knitting.  🙂

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