UFOs part 2

Believe it or not, I’m actually getting anxious to start packing.  It might have something to do with calling the cable company.  The boys’ cable hasn’t worked in about 3 weeks–they’ve been watching their numerous DVDs to pass the time–and since Alex is home sick today, I figured I had the time to call Comcast and get it fixed so he’d have something to keep him occupied.  They couldn’t fix the problem over the phone so they’re sending a techie out (on Thursday) to look at the wires.  (Which makes no sense to me; our cable works fine, it’s just the one in the boys’ room that’s on the blink.)  When I thought of having a technician in the boys’ room, possibly having a cardiac event at the sight of that mess, I decided I’m ready to start boxing things up. 

Today I want to box up my craft books.  It’s possible I won’t get past that job because a) I need WAY more boxes, and b) I’ll be having too much fun looking at this and that project.  But if I can get past that, I’ll think about boxing up my yarn, cleaning out the corner of the bedroom (to store the boxed up stuff) and maybe stacking up my books.  I don’t know what came over me but at this minute, it almost sounds like…FUN?!


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