Multiple Choice

Where to begin?  There’s so much going on.  I have a head cold, thanks to my brother, who brought a germ with him from New Mexico.  It reminds me of when we first moved to PA from NY and the boys were sick every other week because their immune systems were used to NY germs, not PA germs.  Every little bug that passed through town saw them as a clean slate to take advantage of.  I wasn’t happy because I worked as a temp and every day away from work was a day I didn’t get paid, and yet every day the boys didn’t go to day care was a day I still had to pay for.  Is it any surprise I spent the settlement from the sale of our house in NY on paying off my Visa bill? 

I would’ve been home with the boys today anyway, since school is closed.  For my next trick, I’ll try to keep them from killing each other for 24 hours.  I can’t wait to get into Our House and put them in separate rooms.  Since the Bakugan tournament this past weekend, though, they’ve been “training” each other in “battle”.  I haven’t seen them play together like this since Sesame Street was a staple in our house.

I have to make a phone call at some point this morning.  It’s rather important so I can’t give details, but I’m not sure what to expect at the outcome.  (And no, as far as I know, I didn’t sell yet.  Write that one off the “Is that why…?” list.  For now, anyway.) 

The cable guy is coming to fix the boys’ TV.  If he can plow through the debris. 

I should be packing but I only have 1 box.  On the other hand, I should be packing the boys’ clothes, and I can pack that in trash bags.  They have more t-shirts than Walmart, most of which don’t fit anymore.  Am I enthusiastic about the idea?  Not really.  My head feels like a block of wood.  (see above for why)  If I bend over to pick something up, I may topple over. 

I didn’t sleep much last night.  I kept waking up with my mouth open and my tongue feeling like…we won’t discuss that. 

Sorry for rambling.  Just wait ’til November and NaBloWriMo.  I want to sign up, but we’re going to be moving in November and I can’t guarantee I’ll get to blog every single day.  As it is, I wanted to sign on for NaNoWriMo but again, I can’t promise it’ll happen.  Besides, I have “Worlds Apart” to finish; does it count as having written a novel in a month if I’m really editing to completion one that I’ve already written?  And how crazy would I be if I had 3 completed manuscripts sitting here on my hard drive, all unsold?  I keep thinking of the main character in Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones”.  He was a writer but with other things keeping him busy (like a haunted house and mourning his wife), when his editor asked for something new, the character just reached into the vault (was that literal or figurative?) and sent something he’d written years ago and stocked away for a rainy day.  I wonder if, when I finally sell–notice I said “when”, not “if”–will I be able to do the same thing?

I hope so.  🙂