Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies and all us Phillies fans!  Was that an awesome NLCS series or what?  No matter what else happens next–and I won’t make any predictions, because the Sox and the Rays are both worthy adversaries–the Phillies are the National League Champions for 2008, and NOTHING can take that away! 


And thank you to the Los Angeles Dodgers for an exciting NLCS.  They were nothing if not challenging.  Please don’t sign Pat Burrell away from us next year!  🙂

Today’s not going to be a high-functioning day.  The boys’ bathroom toilet sprung a leak in the 4th inning and the plumber got there and fixed it in time for the three of us to stand in the living room watching the bottom of the 9th.  (Also very reasonably priced for a late night call; I can highly recommend Patrick McCloskey Plumbing in Conshohocken.)  Between the game and the toilet, the excitement didn’t wane very quickly, and the alarm clock rang again way too soon.  But I came in to work in my Utley jersey, wearing it with intense pride in knowing the Fightin’s are going to the Series!  Maybe someone will throw it over my shoulders after I doze off at my desk…


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