Where Would We Be Without Friends?

I am SO excited!  My friend Adele DuBois linked my blog to hers in celebration of the Phillies victory in Game 1 last night (a hard-fought 3-2 Phillies victory; Brad Lidge was “Lights Out” once again!), and I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve seen since the Phillies won the NL Pennant.  🙂  Please take a look and share in the joy of watching Our Boys in the Fall Classic!!  Adele DuBois

And don’t forget that Adele’s “Desert Heat” releases November 5th, the same day we close on our house!  For both our sakes, I hope that’s not the same day as the Victory Parade (not to jinx it; I’m just saying) because I’ll really have a hard time deciding which to go to.  The closing or the parade…?  Hmmm.  Right now it’s a toss-up.  On the other hand, if they win in 4, I’ll gladly take time off next week to be there on Broad Street!


Oh, and BTW, this is my 100th post!  How cool is that?  😉