A New Day

Welcome to Bizarro World.  The Phillies have won the World Series; a black man was just elected President; and today, John and I are buying a house.  What could possibly happen next, that I sell a book?  Right now, I believe that absolutely anything is possible.  As Laura said last night, “Tomorrow we will wake up to a new America, and I can’t wait“. 

It’s a new day, people.  It’s a new world.  Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I think we’re in for good things in the next four years.  I can think of a few people who I hope will be pleasantly surprised.  (No, Dominic, Obama is NOT going to take away all your guns.  Just the ones that blow deer to smithereens.) 

For the first time in eight years, I’m excited to see what we have ahead of us.  I don’t dread tomorrow like I did under W.  Today I believe anything is possible.