I Don’t Feel Tardy

Sorry, I was thinking of Van Halen when I opened the blog and that’s the first thing that came to mind. 

If anyone’s wondering where I am, I’m trapped in moving/deadline hell.  It’s fun, though; there’s an awesome sense of accomplishment when you look at a large stretch of carpet laden with dustbunnies, and you can say, “I moved the furniture that used to be there.”  Things in the old apartment are really narrowing down, while the boxes in the new house are really piling up.  But we have 4 sets of shelving in the basement, a new wine cooler (not the bottle kind, the kind that keeps your bottles cold), and a new sofa/recliner set.  And they’re NOT earth-tones!!  I consider that a major fait accompli. 

I’m also working on rewrites of Release Point for the GH contest.  Money is due next Monday, entries are due 12/3.  I’m determined to get the entries in the mail by the 22nd, only because I don’t want to wait ’til the last minute and have to FedEx my entry.  Over the last week, I’ve learned that if 5 people tell you to excise the beginning of your MS, they’re probably right.  I heard it not only from the final round judges from the NJRW/PYHIAB contest but from my new critique buddy, Robin Lanier.  (The baseball sister I never had, but I’ve got one now!!)  Her input was invaluable, and after I quit grumbling about having to “kill my darlings”, I realized that the new beginning is going to make a lot more sense.  If anyone wants to see the “deleted scenes” after RP gets published, I’ll be happy to share them, because all the stuff with Paul and baseball at the beginning of the story is now on the cutting room floor.  <sigh>  It’s not amputation, it’s surgery. 

I need a nap SO bad, I can’t believe it, but my new treat in the middle of all this moving and frantic writing is a mocha at Wawa (or anyplace else that has it).  I picked the wrong time to discover coffee.  🙂


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