Double A

As opposed to AA, which Laura was certain I’d need after the NJ conference.  I was actually pretty well behaved.  It’s a trade-off for not singing Monkees karaoke with the rest of the VFRW.  Of all the things I regret doing in my life, that’s not one of them.  🙂 

I was listening to the iPod this morning when a song came on that Robin Lanier recommended, Dave Potts’ “If I Broke the Record”.  It’s perfect for Release Point because it mentions wanting to play the game clean and pure, the way it was meant to be.  I started noticing a connection between writing and baseball, and I came to this conclusion:

Writer with finished novel, no agent =  A ball

Writer with finished novel and an agent =  Double-A ball

Writer with novel, agent, and major contest win =  Triple-A

Published author = Major Leagues

In single A, you’re good (how many people say they’re going to write a book, but they never get around to it, much less finish it?) and you know what you want, but there’s a long road ahead of you.  In double A, you’ve got someone else believing you can do it–or else you wouldn’t have stepped foot out of single-A–but you’re still a long way from The Show.  In triple A, you’re getting your name out there, people notice you; you’re really close but you’re not there yet.  In The Bigs, The Majors, The Show, you’re there and you’re going to have to fight tooth and nail to stay there.  But once you’re there, you might wind up back in the minors but you’ve been to The Show and you know what it’s like.  You’re among the Best of the Best. 

Me, I’m in double A, and I’m happy to be here (“and I hope I can help the team”).  I’ve cleared one hurdle, and it feels damn good to know someone else believes in what I can do.  (Someone I’m not related or married to.)  But I want to be in the majors, just like the rest of us down here in the minors.  We’re not all going to make it, not all of us have what it takes, but we’re damn well working on it. 

I would’ve written for meal money.  🙂