So What

I’ve been informed that there’s “too much damn baseball” on my blog.  (I love ya anyway, Stevie.)  So what.  I can’t apologize for the things I feel passionate about, and I don’t expect anyone else to apologize for their passions either.  Unless, of course, their passions happen to be against Federal, State, or local laws. 

I have too much yarn, pattern books, and knitting/crochet supplies.  In fact, I just sent my husband the link to something on my Christmas wish list:  a set of gorgeous, interchangeable circular knitting needles.  I’d feel bad about it, considering we’re moving and we need stuff for the house, but I’ve tried these needles out and they’re SO light, comfortable and smooth that I fell in love at first stitch.  With them, I can make things that will outlast me.  Sure, I can make the same things with lesser quality tools.  So what.  I don’t need them, but I want them anyway.

I spend more time writing than I do cooking.  So what.  My kids aren’t starving.  (And I could certainly stand to drop a pound or two.) 

I’ve packed things up from the apartment that I haven’t yet unpacked in the house.  So what.  Right now there’s no place to put them.  When the big furniture is in, I’ll go through my knick-knacks and chatchkis and decide what goes and what stays.  Right now, it all goes to the house.  (Can you say “Yard Sale”?)

I love mocha.  So what.  There’s a lot worst substances to be addicted to.  This one happens to be legal, and I can drive while drinking a mocha.  (Maybe I drive a little faster.  So what.)  If my mocha addiction keeps someone at Starbucks employed, isn’t that a good thing? 

Over the last few months I’ve learned that I have value, and I have every right to walk the halls of anywhere I am with my head held high.  It took me over 40 years to accept and embrace that thought .  I love who I love, and I care about the things I care about.  If you or anyone else has a problem with that, So What.  And if I sounded like Maxine just now…you know what’s coming next, right?  🙂