What a Small World

I read this article on CNN about a family in California that lost their home in the fire.  Complicating matters was the idea of how to explain the situation to their 7 year old son Jonathan, who has autism.  I spent half an hour trying to find out how to contact the writer but I couldn’t find anything other than the CNN comments section, so I sent a message that way, offering the boys’ outgrown clothes that I found and boxed as part of getting ready to move.  I can send a crocheted afghan and I’d love to send some Hot Wheels if it makes him smile again. 

It made me think about what a small world autism is.  We take care of our own.  We’ve all stood in those shoes and heard the diagnosis and thought, “Okay, now what?”  We’ve all put our children on The Bus and watched The Bus pull away with precious, precious cargo.  Some of us have been lucky enough to hear our child call us Mom or Dad; some still dream of that day.  (Some may never get it.) 

The Reyes family is going through something I pray I never have to experience, but autism?  We have that in common.  Whatever they need that I can send their way, along with our prayers that they get settled again soon (if only for Jonathan’s sake), I’ll be happy to do it, because I know if, God forbid, the same happens to us, some other mom out there will be happy to do the same for us. 

When I hear about donations or sending supplies, I’ll pass the word along.  In the mean time, please say a prayer for all those who lost something in the fires.  And remember to say Thank You while you’re at it.

Update 11/20/08:  I tried another route to get in touch with Madison Park, who wrote the CNN article; I’m hoping I can get through to her soon.  It’s possible there’s a charity group collecting money or clothes for the family, or maybe a local business or bank has a fund set up to help.  When I know how to send help for the Reyes family, I’ll post it.  Thanks to all for your kind responses!  We CAN and WILL do something!