What a Small World, Part 2: Contact

Yes!  CNN wrote back to me:

“Greetings from CNN,

Thank you for your compassionate spirit and your desire to help Jonathan Reyes, the little boy whose family lost everything in the California wildfires.  As you saw in our story, Jonathan also lost his hot wheel cars which were very dear to him.  As a child with autism he found solace in his playtime with his hot wheels.  
Because you’ve written asking how you can help we want to make some information available to you.  Kara Finnstrom’s story on this family made us all aware that they lost their home and all their belongings in the fire.  Therefore there is no home address to which donations and such can be sent.  We’ve reached out to let them know that some of our viewers have expressed a desire to help them.  They were very touched by your kindness and now have a P.O. Box address.  That address is:
The Reyes Family
 P. O. Box 922157 
Sylmar, CA  91392 
Donations, packages, and/or well wishes can be sent to them at this address. Again, thank you for your heartfelt desire to help this family and their child.  We are proud to know we have viewers like you.
CNN Viewer Communications Management”

Let’s DO something!!!