No, not the Kelly Clarkson CD.  I much prefer the second one, anyway.  Half those songs are on my Release Point playlist.  🙂

Now’s the typical time of year for people to think about what they’re grateful for.  It’s really something we should (and need to) remember all year long, not just at the end of November.  But as long as we’re thinking of things we’re grateful for, I thought I’d toss my list out there.

1.  I’m grateful for Ryan getting a 6-month reprieve from surgery.  In addition, I’m grateful to Dr. Davidson for not just being one of the best pediatric orthopedists in the country, not just for the time he devotes to Shriners Hospital (for which I’m pretty sure he gets paid a lot less than CHOP pays him), but for not pushing me when he knew I wasn’t excited about the idea of putting Ryan through surgery again.  I’m also grateful he made me realize during yesterday’s visit that the idea of having preventive surgery now will make Ryan’s life easier for the next 20-something years.  Now I’m beginning to think that we should really give some thought to doing this next year.  AFTER he finishes school. 

2.  I’m grateful for the fact that at this moment in time, we have not one but two homes.  Not for long, thankfully.  (I hope the Reyes family gets settled into a new place soon.)  I can’t wait to get into the house.  This time next month, we’ll still be looking for things we packed but we’ll be living in a wonderful, warm, cozy, welcoming little place with a yard and SO much potential.  Thank you, Mr. D, for selling it to us, and thank you to Kim Douglas, realtor extraordinaire, for insisting we take a look even when I said, “Ew, not there.”  I was SO wrong.  I promise, we’ll make good memories there.

3.  I’m grateful for my yarn.  It’s a silly thing but since Laura’s inspired me to knit more, I’m obsessed.  I’ve made baby hats, larger hats, mittens, and I’m working on a hat/mitten set for my niece, whose 1st birthday is in a couple of weeks.  (Where did the time go?!?)  (I’m also so grateful that little angel is happy and healthy!)  Lately I come home and I can’t wait to get my hands on my latest project.  Unfortunately that’s not a writing project, but I’m sure I’ll get back to that.  I probably, then, should just be thankful for creativity.  Without it, I’d be a crazy person right now. 

4.  I’m grateful that my Golden Heart entry is in the mail.  (I sent it along with my package for the Reyes family.  Different addresses, of course.)  Now I just have to pray it gets there before next Tuesday’s deadline.  Why did I not ask for receipt confirmation?  <sigh>  I know where the rest of the story is going now that the synopsis is firmed up, and in my not-so-humble opinion, I don’t think the story’s ever beeen as good as it is right now.  Hard to believe I finaled in the NJ contest when the beginning badly needed to be edited out.  Thank you to the judges for judging me on the writing, not on the story. 

5.  I’m grateful for my health.  My dad has long said, Be thankful for your health, because without that, you have nothing.  I say this as I sniffle through another case of activated allergies (thank you, Shadow, for sitting on my sweater) and homicidal dustbunnies that have been roused from hibernation by all the packing we’ve done over the last few weeks.  But it could be a whole lot worse, and once in a while I think back to my biopsy in March, and once the PTSD fades, I’m grateful that we’re all mostly healthy.  Physically, anyway.  Mentally…eh.  😉

6.  I’m grateful for my family.  Both the family I have here at home (John, Ryan and Alex), the family spread out across the country (you know who you are), and my Valley Forge Romance Writers family.  The next few days are going to be difficult without an email-from-Laura fix, but we’ll get back to normal by Monday, if not earlier.  Robin and Robin, I wanna just hug you both.  All my VFRW sisters, I can’t WAIT ’til the party next month.  We’re going to have SUCH a blast!!  Billy Joel said it best:  Home is just another word for you.

One last and most important thank you to the benevolent Creator who put me here and maintained the sense of humor enough to let me stay here this long.  I’m so glad we believe in each other.  I hope I can one day make You proud.


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