Getting There

We’re making the move on Friday.  I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this, and now it’s just a few days away, and I’m still as anxious as I was when we signed the papers.  We’re more than halfway moved in; the boys have settled out their rooms (mostly; Alex’s look like a whirlwind came in, but Ryan’s looks like a small library) and most of my yarn is there, and I’ve already given myself a few minutes to knit in “my spot” on the couch.  Ah, so much fun.  I was supposed to call to get the phone and cable switched over but the accruals stole 11 hours of my life yesterday.  Please just shoot me now before December accruals start. 

I have to take on something today that I didn’t really want to do.  Since my ex stopped paying child support, I’ve been nervous about meeting my expenses.  John got more than a little pissed over the situation, so he pushed me into contacting a lawyer and I’m going through with it.  I’m not excited at the prospect but he’s probably right, I should’ve done this before.  I’m really not even worried about the fallout from my ex or his family; I’m thinking more of the time-suck this is going to become, and the expense of hiring another attorney.  And how is he supposed to come up with money he doesn’t have?  Not that I’m the slightest bit concerned about him, but I do understand the concept of “you can’t get blood from a stone”.  Maybe I’m too practical.  I’m definitely too nice. 

I’m still writing, though.  I should be editing “Worlds Apart” but I can’t get into it right now.  Too bad because the Crescent Moon contest is coming up in February, and the editor I met in NJ really seemed to like the idea.  (I may have tackled the conflict thing; it’s hard to be low-conflict when you’re dead and you’re trying to save your ex-girlfriend’s life.)  I like the story too, but I can’t seem to get my head around it, and I’d really like to.  And I totally screwed up at NaNoWriMo; I signed on and then did nothing, but I’m going to give it another shot in December.  A month late, of course, but it’s kind of like starting that new diet in January, only now it’s February.  Better late than not at all.