We’re Here

The move happened on Friday and we survived. It wasn’t easy, and as much as I appreciate the guy at work who’s been giving us the boxes from the paper cases, if I never see another one for the rest of my life, that’s fine with me. We can now eat at the kitchen table or the dining room table; the internet is up and running (thank GOD); I can walk to the pantry (which is really a closet in the dining room) and get my cooking supplies; I’ve made a few minor meals (boy do I love gas stoves); and I’ve run 3 loads of laundry and 1 load of dirty dishes. Heck, I even put the clean dishes away this morning because I had some time before I had to leave for work. AND I took a shower, got dressed, and put on my makeup. In the apartment I’d shower and dress, then eat breakfast, drink my coffee, take my vitamins, get the boys roused, check backpacks, check my email, goof off, THEN get my makeup on. This way seems much more efficient. Maybe it had something to do with a) I’m cutting back on my coffee consumption because my face is breaking out like it belongs on a 14 year old boy, and b) we left the breakfast foods back at the apartment. Guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon? 😉

Two things make me happy about the house (aside from the fact that John keeps teasing about how the “downstairs neighbors are complaining about the noise”; the downstairs neighbors are Tillie and Shadow, not Mary, her yapping dog and her leaking bathrooms). I’ve organized my bookshelf including a few cuddlies to make it homey, and I know where my yarn is. Okay, so there’s more yarn in storage. I told John, I probably have more yarn than AC Moore; when they get low in stock, they’ll be calling ME. But all my hardcover pattern books–I think–are neatly arranged on the bottom shelf, and the paperbacks and assorted hardcovers are sorted by content. I have a section for autism-related books, another for really good fiction, another for my writing how-to books, and another for Jenny Crusie.   (Which, of course, isn’t to say Jenny Crusie doesn’t write really good fiction;  I’m just saying, in my mind, she’s in a class by herself.)  Seriously, I have just about everything she’s ever written except for a few old Silhouette’s. I very proudly checked to make sure my copy of “Don’t Look Down” is still dually signed. It is. Yay me.

I sat on the couch and knitted last night. For a little while. I got up kind of late yesterday, got some sorting done (like my bookshelf), then laid down on the couch and snoozed for 5 minutes in front of the Eagles game. (What a surprise. I started working on the boxes around 9, and all of a sudden John came in to say it’s 12:30. Where did the time go?) I told myself I’d take a shower at halftime but instead I went to our room and organized that a bit more because otherwise it looked like a frat boy’s hotel room. Then I went to put Alex’s clothes in the closet because the pile of clean clothes on the floor was quickly becoming the pile of dirty clothes outside the wash basket. THEN I got in the shower. It’s not the best bathroom in the world, but it’s MINE.

That thought kept ringing in my head most of yesterday. This is OUR HOUSE. Okay, so it has a few glitches. Alex’s cable still doesn’t work (we’re not sure if it’s a bad connection or the DVD player crapped out; we switched the TVs and I found Alex’s plug-n-play Disney games, so he played with that most of yesterday) but the techie is coming back on Tuesday night. The downstairs shower only runs cold water, but the sink runs steaming hot water for John to shave with. We’re not sure when the trash comes but we think it’s tonight. (I hope so because we turned one of the packing boxes into a paper recycling box. Not one of the smaller boxes, either.)

I’d take more pictures but I’m never sure where I left my purse. There are some on Flickr, but things have changed since then.

I can’t wait ’til spring, when we can sit on the couch and cheer on the Phillies. We might just be settled in by then. 🙂