Love is Letting Go of Fear

Sorry for not posting.  It’s been a long week.  My agent and I parted ways (for market reasons; no conflicts between us, and I promised I’ll invite him to my publication party when it happens) and I volunteered to organize the department Christmas party which took place yesterday, and in the middle of this there’s still the apartment to clean out and the house to unpack.  Is it a surprise I keep waking up feeling like I haven’t slept? 

I found a book when I was setting up my shelf, something my brother gave me years ago that I didn’t look at ’til this past weekend.  “Love Is Letting Go of Fear.”  I looked at the preface this morning and it said people will find this book when they most need to.  Chalk up another one, because after this week, I really need to read it.  (It means putting aside my friend and CP Robin Kaye’s book “Romeo Romeo” but I swear I’ll get back to it.)  If anyone’s read it and it helped them, let me know.  I feel like I could use some peace and tranquility in my life, or is that an impossible quest at this time of the year, between the holidays and the end of the accounting year? 

Serenity now…