“Me, I’m a part of your circle of friends, and we noticed you don’t come around…

Being alone is the best place to be; when I’m all alone, nobody else can say goodbye.”

I had a Deus Ex iPod moment again this afternoon.  I’m slowly recovering from last week, which was not my best week ever.  (Probably my longest week since Ryan had his last major surgery, spiked a post-op fever and needed an ounce of water dropped into his mouth every half hour throughout the night.  That Friday I drove home from Shriners during Hurricane Floyd and I was late getting home by 3 hours, but I was determined to get home or die trying.)  I started to come back to life again with the help of my friends.  Laura walked me through Yarn Therapy (a wonderful little yarn shop called Frou Frou) on Saturday, and this morning Robin L gave me a boost, followed by Robin K this afternoon via IM chat.  I know I’m not alone, but sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded.

I’m not giving up.  Far from it.  I’m wounded but I’m not dead. 

I drove home from work feeling, which in itself is good because I wasn’t feeling much of anything lately, and I started noticing what came on the iPod.  (I put it on shuffle; putting it on Gabe’s playlist only felt like beating a dead horse.)  First it was Edie Brickell’s “Circle”, which I quoted above.  Then it was Maroon5’s “She Will Be Loved” (I’m taking that at face value).  Then it was Martina McBride with “This One’s For the Girls”.  That just ties it all together. 

Tomorrow I work on queries.  I’ll give up when I’m dead.