Top 5

I haven’t been here in a while; sorry about that.  My mind seems to have washed itself of any ideas these days.  Maybe that has something to do with giving up my main (and favorite) source of caffeine since the start of the new year.  Seriously, there’s a connection.  Last week I drove home from NJ and my mind was a flurry of ideas on how to move my latest WIP, “Her Angel Gabriel” forward.  Fortunately I also got stuck in traffic on the Turnpike so scribbling notes as I drove 2 mph wasn’t that difficult.  My apologies to the annoyed drivers who had to put up with my dome light for 5 miles.

I do want to keep writing, though, because even blog writing keeps the Muse going.  Just a few words, even if they’re forced, reminds her that I’m still alive and still thinking.  Lately she’s been more focused on knitting, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but if I start one more UFO, I could fall asleep under them and no one would find me for hours.  On the other hand, that’s not a bad idea.  🙂 

Anyway, as I watched the 3 inches of snow coming down around our house yesterday, I started thinking of my favorite things.  (I haven’t seen “The Sound of Music” in 20 years.)  I’d make it a top 10 list but Letterman already has that covered, and anyway, I couldn’t be as funny.  But in keeping with my intention to “put some gratitude in my attitude”, I want to remind myself regularly that there are 5 good reasons to…and then I have to drum up what the “to” part was. 

So here it is, my 5 Favorite Things About Snow.

1.  Alex is crazy about it.  He’d go out and play in the snow under any circumstances, and to have him eager to go outside is always a good thing.  Our first snow this year, both the boys went out to play, and it reminded me all over again why having our own house is such a great thing. 

2.  The silence.  Just before I started shoveling last night, I stood in the back yard and listened to the peaceful isolation of the snow whispering to the ground.  It’s like the entire world gets reduced to just what’s around you.  While that thought might make some people claustrophobic, for me it’s relaxing. 

3.  Everything in the neighborhood is pretty right now.  Snow blankets the trees and porches and yards.  In the James Joyce short story, “Evaline”, snow is the great equalizer.  It covers everything equally.

4.  It was “warm” enough to snow.  Last week when we got frigid temperatures, it was too cold for snow.  We’re expecting 40’s later in the week and I bet it’ll feel warm by comparison.  We’re only a month into winter; 2 more months ’til spring, and less than a month ’til pitchers and catchers report for spring training.

5.  I didn’t fall on my butt.  Given that I’m wearing my dress shoes this morning, it was almost a foregone conclusion that I’d land on my butt at some point, but I cleaned off the car, got my stuff into the back seat, returned the trash can to the house AND got into the office without once losing my dignity.  That’s always a good thing.

Tune in tomorrow for the next Top 5 List.  🙂


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