Top 5 Best Things About the Inauguration

Please tell me no one missed the inauguration yesterday.  I know the internet feeds went down from high traffic at some points; that’s why John and I went to the cafeteria to watch it.  I was disappointed that more people didn’t applaud when Obama took the oath of office, but I suspect we’re working in a Republican nest here.  I know a few people who are holding a wait-and-see attitude but me, I’m excited.  Yesterday was a day I’ve been waiting for for eight long, LONG years. 

With that in mind, here’s today’s Top 5 Best Things About the Inauguration (besides the fact that I can spell “inauguration”):

1.  People came together, not just to get Obama into office, but to see him take his place there.  DC Police reported not one single arrest.  How often does that happen?  I’m sure it wasn’t a happy time getting on the trains/roads to go back home, but I’d bet people were still smiling.

2.  We have an intelligent, educated man in office.  BIG contrast from the last eight years.  (I still have nightmares about 9/11 and W sitting in a kindergarten classroom, reading a book about a goat.) 

3.  The world trusts Obama as much as we do.  News reports last night showed people around the world watching the Inauguration and smiling.  I still remember the headlines in Europe after W’s second election.  Yet another BIG contrast.

4.  Enlightenment.  Like the man said, it’s a sign of the times when a man whose father, 60 years ago, might not have been served a meal at a local diner, can be sworn in as President of the United States.  Maybe our darkest times are behind us in that respect.  We can only hope.

5.  Speaking of hope, there’s HOPE in this country again.  I realize there are skeptics out there who don’t think this is going to make a difference.  Maybe he’s a placebo to our problems or maybe he’s the real deal, but just believing we can get out of this mess puts us halfway to winning the battle.  It’s like buying a lottery ticket.  You’re pretty sure the odds are against you, but if you don’t try, you know you don’t have a chance at all. 

Kind of like my stalled writing career.  It’s easy to say this is going nowhere and I’m giving up, but if I quit now, I know I won’t get published.  If I don’t quit, there’s still a chance.  Obama said yesterday that it’s time to make some hard decisions, and mine is that I’m not giving up, even when giving up would be the easy thing to do.  Getting slapped on the face with another rejection will sting but I’m going to keep taking it and taking it until the timing is right and the Muse smiles on me and someone out there says, “Where the F have you been?  I’ve been waiting to find you!  Let’s go sell some books!”


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