5 Best Things about Yarn

It’s Thankful Thursday, whatever that’s supposed to mean.  I don’t even remember where I read that.  Maybe it should be Forgetful Thursday.  Then again, that’s me everyday.

I’m at work but I’d rather be home knitting, so here’s my 5 Favorite Things about Yarn.

1.  It makes such nice stuff.  Even crappy yarn can be made into something pretty if you find the right pattern.

2.  Yarn (and accordingly, pattern collection) is a semi-healthy addiction.  You don’t see a Betty Ford Clinic for addicted knitters.  Why try to cure us?  We revel in our addiction.  From it comes some wonderful things.

3.  Other than the occasional knot, yarn cooperates with my plans, as opposed to some teenagers I know (and it doesn’t claim it’s sick when it has a math test it’s not prepared for). 

4.  It comes in such pretty colors and softnesses.  Laura and I spent an hour in FrouFrou last month, petting all the pretty skeins.  I haven’t heard so much delighted “ooh”ing and “aah”ing since the last time I stood outside the nursery observation window. 

5.  It makes such wonderful things.  Though I was dead tired, I very nearly stayed up late last night to finish my K1P1 gray and blue scarf.  (The infamous Noro Silk Garden scarf, adapted for Simply Soft Shadows.)  I’m only a few yards from finished but I couldn’t see straight anymore, and I’ve come too far to screw it up now.  It’s going to be long and soft and gorgeous, and the way the color changes gradually…it’s just so cool.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done, but I’m not sure when that will be.  (Got things to do tonight.)  But when it’s done I can wear it with pride (or give it away with pride) knowing that before I picked up those skeins, that yarn was just an amorphous bunch of string.  With my hard work and dedication, it’s become something that will last.  Unless, of course, the boys take it.  Then I can probably kiss it goodbye. 

My next project to finish is the Moda Dea Dream scarf.  It’s in raspberry and it’s fuzzy-soft so I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one wearing it.  Then there’s the multicolor baby afghan (I’m 7 repeats away from finished), the red and white afghan for Melanie, and then the scrapghan I started some time last year.  Somewhere in between there’s the gigantic Irresistible Afghan in day-glo orange.  None of this would be possible without yarn.  My addiction, my passion, my friend.