5 Good Things about Monday

I could leave this blog blank because right now, so is my imagination.  After all, it’s Monday and I only have 1 cup of caffeine in me now.  There are days, especially on Monday, when I think I just need a mocha IV inserted directly into my arm.  But there are good things about Monday, such as:

1.  “24” is on.  My weekly Jack Bauer fix.  If ever there was a popular character that could teach me about writing conflict, that’s him right there.  I can’t help but question if there’s a connection between President Palmer on 24 and Barack Obama getting elected.  Hey, if there is a connection, amen. 

2.  There’s a whole week ahead, full of the potential for productivity.  Even better when there’s only half a week ahead.  I’m working remote part of tomorrow, around a mid-day dentist appointment, and there’s a serious possibility of a snow day on Wednesday, so in this case, less is better (if I’m only going to be in the office 3 days out of 5).

3.  Did I mention “24” is on?

4.  I’m not as tired on Monday as I will be on Friday, after 5 solid days of waking up at 5:30.  Of course, as the saying goes, those who don’t believe the dead come back to life haven’t seen my office at 5 on Friday.

5.  Oh yeah, “House” is on too.  Love the dialog on that show. 

Not that Tuesday is a whole lot better, but things will be better by, oh, Thursday.