5 Good Things about Telling the Truth

This one has a story to go with it.  (Doesn’t everything I ever say have a story?)  I stopped going to the dentist 3 years ago, after she worked on a filling that hurt so bad that I cried for 3 hours.  I didn’t want to go back so when it came time to make my next appointment, I said, “I’ll get back to you” and I never did.  I’ve been bringing the boys back for their appointments but I didn’t make one for myself, and the receptionists being the angels they are, they never asked. 

Fast-forward to Thursday when the composite over a ridge in one tooth falls off, and I know the time has come to bite the bullet.  I went in today and came clean about my lack of courage to Dr. Sara, who was SO understanding, I almost wanted her to adopt me.  She patiently explained why the filling had hurt (and why the vicodin I took for the pain didn’t do anything) and why I needed a crown over the tooth with the missing composite, rather than just doing an ordinary filling.  Bottom line, I have 2 appointments next month, one for basic hygiene and updated x-rays, and one a week later to get the crown process started.  Dr. Sara even knew I was nervous about it (I have 2 crowns already) and she promised, she’ll either give me something to reduce the anxiety before I get there, or she’ll give me gas when they do the work.  I opted for the gas so I can get myself home afterward.  I’m not sure there’s enough nitrous oxide on the east coast to keep me calm, but I’m willing to try it if she is.  (You know what I mean.) 

Which brings me to my 5  Things for today,  5 Good Things about Telling the Truth:

1.  It’s easy to remember.  No having to recall what I told to whom.  As long as you remember what actually happened.  🙂

2.  It clears the air.  No hiding my real feelings; just come out and say what’s really bothering me.

3.  It feels better inside.  No nagging doubts about “Did he believe me?” or “That didn’t make sense.”  No worries about being caught in a lie.  (Did you hear that, Capitol Hill/City Hall?)

4.  Trust.  I have complete and utter confidence that when I told Dr. Sara I’d been too afraid to come back, she wasn’t pissed.  She’s a dentist; she’s been here before.  

5.  Connection.  Opening up one’s soul to another person usually means the other person will respond in kind.  It’s why Laura and I are such good buddies, or why John and I work so well together; they knows things I don’t tell a lot of other people.  They probably know a little too much about me.  (I better not leave them alone in a room together.)  Like the saying goes, “To have a friend you have to be a friend”, and that starts with being honest. 

Shout-out to Dr. Sara at Cooley-Bentz Dental in Norristown.  You rock!  🙂