5 Good Things About Spare Time

It’s a snow day here today, so I slept in a little, logged on to work, and went outside to shovel during my lunch hour.  Since I logged in early, I might log out early too, which leaves me with some time to fill, which made me think of today’s post, 5 Good Things About Spare Time:

1.  Anything is possible.  Do whatever you want, or do nothing.

2.  That time is yours.  Most of us moms will fill it with something useful like laundry or unpacking after a move.  (cough, cough)  How often can you say you have time to decide what YOU really want to do?  Take advantage.

3.  Relaxation is food for the soul.  Let your mind wander.  Meditate and listen to the world.  It really talks to you if you take the time to listen.

4.  If you can’t take the silence, music hath charms to soothe the savage beast.  (Yeah, I know it’s actually “breast” but who knows if WordPress has police monitoring these things?)  Sit back and catch up on the latest tunes.  There’s now 2 soft-rock stations in the Philly area and I like them both.  (Though it’s been the oddest thing; 3 times I’ve flipped stations and heard them both playing the exact same song.  I didn’t mind “Philadelphia Freedom” but “Red Red Wine” is too whiny, and much as I love Faith Hill, there’s only so much “This Kiss” I can take.) 

5.  Go hug your kids.  It can’t hurt to give some of that time to them, getting to know them as people.  All too soon they’ll be asking for the car keys, and it won’t be cool to hang out with Mom.  Know who they are now so they know who you are later. 

As for me, I have no less than 2 manuscripts (in various states of completion) sitting on my desktop right now, and I don’t know which one to work on first.  They’re both calling to me equally.  Since the Crescent Moon contest deadline is now June 1, the paranormal can sit a while so I can work on the contemporary, but then something comes on the radio that reminds me of the paranormal and I open that and remember how much I like that story too.  Decisions, decisions.


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